Cultural treasures, natural resources and landscapes of exalting variety, fine food and excellent wines, festive traditions and vibrant culture … The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg invites you throughout the year in an unusual journey. Only Grand Duchy in the world, the country is a small jewel associating a rich historic past with an exemplary modernity. Discover our castles of Luxembourg, Grand Ducal Palace, the Natural History Museum, the concert hall of the Philharmonic, the wine trail, …

In brief 20 reasons for visiting Luxembourg: You need a reason to persuade you to visit Luxembourg?

1. The country’s central position and its excellent international connections
2. The many tourist attractions
3. The friendly and multicultural people
4. The Luxembourg city’s fortress, witness to a turbulent history
5. The old town of Luxembourg, UNESCO World Heritage
6. Bunkers, a huge network of underground gallery
7. The high quality of life which characterizes the country
8. Pétrusse Valley and its magnificent park in the middle of the capital
9. The architecture, characterized by the harmonious coexistence of the old and modern
10. Traditional festivals, always present in a Luxembourg company well in motion
11. Cultural festivals that show an impressive diversity
12. Gastronomic specialties and many starred restaurants
13. Castles including some of the most important cultural heritage of Europe
14. The “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland” characterized by its magnificent forests, rock formations and rivers
15. Moselle and its famous wine route
16. The Ardennes with its lakes and natural parks
17. Nature with an incredible diversity of landscapes
18. The wide range of cultural wealth which arises from the influx of cultures, traditions and different identities
19. The enormous offer in terms of recreation and sports
20. The many shopping opportunities

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